Julie Locke
Guidance Counseling

Together, we'll work it out. 
Walden School's Guidance Counselor helps students better understand themselves and their personal emotional needs, while also developing their sensitivity to the emotional needs of others.  Students learn appropriate communication skills to foster positive interactions with their peers and teachers. In addition, the counselor is available to offer personal guidance to individual students, parents and teachers.

Guidance Counseling Curriculum Information
The counselor is scheduled to meet with all students and implement a curriculum specific to the following grade levels:

Grades K-6:
The Second STEP curriculum will integrate developmentally appropriate ways to teach core social-emotional skills such as empathy, emotion management, and problem solving. This program will include lessons on self-regulation, executive function skills, and skills for successful classroom learning. Each lesson will include instruction, interactive and/or group work, as well as a Home Link to keep parents connected to what their child is learning. Topics to be covered include; attention, following directions, identifying feelings,  problem solving, differences, conversational skills, put-downs and bullying. For more information about this curriculum, visit Second STEP