Grades 8-12 BYOD Program

Walden recognizes the value of a digital classroom and our mission to prepare our students for 21st Century learning. Information at our fingertips permits both students and teachers alike instant access to current events, history, facts, multimedia content, and web applications, enhancing classroom discussions and student achievement. Communication via gmail, Google Docs, blogs and chats will engage students in dynamic collaboration learning.

Your child will be required to come to school daily with a laptop or tablet.  We recommend in order of preference: Chromebook, Windows Surface, laptop (Mac or Windows) or tablet (iPad or Android). You and your child may select the device.  We also require the “actual battery life” of at least 8 hours. If your child’s current device has a weak battery, please consider making an upgrade - It will be less of a distraction if the device lasts throughout the entire school day, plus electrical outlets at school are at a premium. The device does not need 3G or 4G capabilities as it will only be permitted to connect to our wireless network while at school, not a personal Wi-Fi account. Cell phones may not be substituted as a device due to their ineffectiveness with online lessons, difficulty monitoring 3G or 4G wireless access, and texting capabilities.

An undated Acceptable Use Policy, which includes Walden’s BYOD policies and procedures, will be issued for the new school year. The AUP and digital citizenship in general will be discussed during the first few weeks of school in English and/or Computer classes.

If you have any questions regarding the BYOD Program, please contact our IT Director, Charlie Raymond